Trend TR35X1/4TC
Biscuit jointer set - TR35X1/4TC

Trend TR35X1/4TC

Biscuit jointer set - TR35X1/4TC

Bearing guided biscuit jointer set. Enables biscuit jointing with timber, man made fibre and partical board. 37.2mm diameter X 4.0mm cut
D=29/64 inch D=37.2 mm Cut length=4 mm B=12.7 mm Shank Diameter=1/4 inch Includes:

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Grade: TCT

Shank Diameter: 1/4

Bearing Dia Metric: 12.7

Nett Weight: 58

Size: 1/4" Shank

Cut Length Metric: 4

Dia Metric: 37.2

Dia Imperial: 29/64

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