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Makita Saws Powertools

Makita have many different variations of saws, all of which are used for different applications. The most well known saws are Circular saws, Jigsaws, Table saws, Mitre/Chop saws, Plunge saws and Reciprocating saws.

Makita's impressive range of saws feature both corded and cordless machines. A popular choice and widely known across the power tool world is the SP6000J Plunge saw, It has a 165mm saw blade and gives a maximum cutting depth of 55mm, making it the perfect choice for any tradesman or DIY enthusiast alike.

As well as producing quality tools Makita's products are also very fairly priced. An example of this is the HS7601 circular saw, which has recently superseded the 5704RK. Like the 5704RK the HS7601 sports a 190mm saw blade, but also has a no load speed of 5200rpm compared to the 5704RK's 4900rpm.

Makita also have a large variety of Slide Compound Mitre Saws, these vary from the LS0714 with a 190mm blade to the newly introduced LS1219, both available either with or without lasers. The LS0714 is a lightweight, yet powerful machine with a maximum cutting depth of 52mm (2 inch), most suitable for cutting skirting boards and beading. On the other end of the scale is the LS1219, which is a larger and more powerful machine, has a 305mm saw blade and a maximum cutting depth of 107mm (6 ½”).

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