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Metabo is a well know German power tool manufacture of top quality tools for the trade and industry. There machines are typically well made and designed to last .Our business relationship began with them approximately 12 years ago and we find them a pleasure to deal with. Metabo have a long standing reputation for making great percussion drills [ sbe 750 ], angle grinders [ wp 8-115 ], die grinders, random orbital sanders [sxe 450 duo ], rotary demolition hammers, and cordless drills. Indeed the precision keyless chucks fitted on their drills set the industry standard. They have developed a superb new cordless power tool range using Li lithium iron battery technology. The voltage of the machines range from 10.8v, 12v, 14.4v, 18v, 24v and 36v.Other features include impuls switches, ESCP electronic single cell battery protection, and Marathon Motors and Code Security System on the corded tools.

In the last few years Metabo acquired Elektra Beckum, the German wood working machinery manufacturer. This was a logical move bringing the tried and tested machinery models of Elektra Beckum in to broaden the Metabo product range. Electra Beckum had had a presence in the UK for many years and was particularly known for the BAS 315 bandsaw, KGS 300 slide mitre saw, HC260 planer thicknesser, TKHS 315 site saw , TF100 spindle moulder , SPA1000 dust extractor and PK 200 saw bench. Initially their machines were sold by Record Power with their BAS315 being renamed the Record dmb65 Drillmaster bandsaw. Eventually Elecktra Beckum as a brand was dropped by Metabo in favour of the latter's name. Metabo tools being made to a very high standard are generally well worth repairing. We order most days from their UK head quarters in Southampton. Not all spare parts are held in this country so allow at least 2 weeks for delivery into the UK from Germany. The most popularly requested parts for the power tools are carbon brushes [ 316033670 ], drive belts, Velcro sanding bases [ 31 224, 31 219, 31 158 or 339160440 ], switches, armatures, fields, and gear boxes and motors for cordless drills.

Due to the large number of BAS 315 and BAS 316 bandsaws sold over the years we sell lots of certain spares for these machines. These include 1009018022 top roller guide, 7232055833 wheel tyre, 1009009570 bottom blade guide, 7233190017 drive belt. There is a knack to fitting the tyres on the bandsaw wheels. The tyres are under sized in order that they stay on the wheels. The tyres must be immersed in hot water in order to stretch them over the bandsaw wheel. When they cool they contract to fit tightly. Band saw blades for these machines are also very popular. The band size is 88" [2235mm] and blades are available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" sizes in skip tooth. Other popular spares the M8 x 20mm left hand threaded blade bolt 1395207098 for the KGS 300 mitre saw, table insert 1381406667 for the TKHSS315M site saw and disposable planer 0911030713 blades for the HC260 planer thicknesser. The blade bolt 1395207098 will actually fit many Chinese imported mitre saws. The drawings shown on the web site are the best available at present and unfortunately not all of them are easy to follow. Some parts may not have a price next to them which could indicate a later number change or a no longer available status. Should you have any queries please contact us.

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