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DeWalt Spare Parts

DeWalt is the professional division of the American power tool manufacturer Black and Decker. This world famous company also includes the German power tool brand Elu. To confuse things even more Black and Decker has in turn recently been acquired by another American tool giant Stanley Tools.

We have dealt with Black and Decker for over thirty years selling both DeWalt and Elu power tools. Initially the DeWalt tools sold in the UK were wood working machines. These being radial arm saws [dw 1201dw1251dw1501dw1751dw8001, and dw8101], DeWalt band saw spares [dw100, dw3401, and dw3501], a De Walt mitre saw, and De Walt planer thicknessers [dw1150 and dw 1151]. These were very popular machines and catered for both the professional and armature wood worker .When a model finished in 1 it denoted that the machine was single phase and when it finished in a 3 it denoted the machine was 3 phase

Elu was run along side DeWalt, and Black and Decker Professional Power tools. The range was made up of mostly power tools but did include the odd wood working machine. Elu gave us some classic power tools like the MOF 96e router, the MOF 177e router, the PS 174 slide mitre saw, MFF 80 power planer, the ST 152e jig sawTGS 173 flip over saw and the MHB 90 belt sander. Any Elu machine that had a model number that finished with an e at the digits, it denoted it was variable speed. If the model number had an L at the very end this meant it was low voltage110v.

The Black and Decker professional range never really had the credibility the other two brands had. It did include in it some very good angle grinders, polishers and double ended grinders.It was discontinued with no models making it into other ranges.For a time the DeWalt name was dropped in favour of Elu. The 'dw' part of the model number was changed to 'RAS', [ RAS 1751] when it was an Elu radial arm saw, 'EBS' [ EBS 3501]when it was a band saw and so on.

In the 1990s the Elu powertools brand was dropped in the UK. Some machines were discontinued and the remaining tools were re brand under DeWalt. The DeWalt brand was perceived to be the stronger of the two and this is how things remain today.

DeWalt power tools, with there distinctive yellow colour have prove to be very popular. There are some very good tools in the range including the DW 625e routerDW 615 routerDW 708, DW 777, DW 700 mitre saws, DW 743 flip saw, DW 745 table saw, DW 739 bandsaw, DW 720k and DW 721k radial arm saw, D21580k diamond core drill and D25113k sds hammer drill. The DeWalt cordless tool range includes tools from 3.6 volts, 7.2v, 9.6v, 12v, 14.4v, 18v, 24v, and 36volts. The battery technology of lithium ion is now used in the new Li-lon nano technology batteries. The XRP 2.6ah NiMH batteries have proved to be very popular giving increased runtime. The batteries in this range being the DE9501, DE9502, DE9503, and DE0241.

The DeWalt cordless power tools include the DC330 jigsaw, DC925 combi cordless drill, DC618 16 gauge cordless nailer, DC213 cordless hammer, and DC390 circular saw.DeWalt introduced the DE7023 mitre saw stand which not only fitted their range of saws but will also take their competitors mitre saws. Other popular accessories include the DE6263 router fence, DE6430 30 mm guide bush, DE6273 and DE6278 collets, DE3473 rip fence, DE7380 mitre fence, and DE7330 and DE7333 planer knives.
The most regularly requested DeWalt spare parts include 493511-00 carbon brush set, N060484 [368832-10] switch, and 861385-04 webber switch.

We receive many enquires about cordless drills that develop an intermittent fault where by the tool will stop and require a knock to get it working again. This generally indicates the carbon brushes need replacing, model permitting. Removal of the brush and holder at the end of the motor will show if the carbon is touching the commmutator.  The carbon will be smooth if it is, rough and powder if it is not. Also look for poor or burned terminal connections if the carbon brushes are ok.

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